Thursday, October 2, 2008

2nd message

EVERYBODY will set this web pages as a home page!!! :-) Ok ok...i will be satisfied, if you enter this web once a week :-) I would be glad, believe me..and do you know why?

Because its MY and my friends web page! I know, it is just in czech now, but we started at 26th of September so we are at the beginning of the long way. And you have to czech..hihi..check this version, because in a few weeks we will start more creative version with more sections. People, you are graphics (graphickers?) :-) and designers..write me something, if you like it, ok? many thanks. ua ua ua I miss night conversations with the dinner in the kitchen!!


Mandine said...

Congratulation for your degree, and Betka also... And for the website!

cristinabraga said...

hey radim!
I saw the website, and...
I dont know, its kind of cool and everything... but.... I dont know czech... and... the images... its just girls and alchool.... and girls... and partys.... and drinking.... and... cmon!! you dont work???
I thought that you have had all the partys in porto....
By the way, I miss you and Betka a lot. I mean, A lot!

Kocaaaaaa said...

to Cristina:

I know i know i know...but...maybe I forgot to write, that this web is a part of business of mine and my friend :-) thats why you see just girls and alcool and partys..this is going to be just one of the section of our websites...and we know that every young guy want to see any photos of him/her from the party he attended. So this is the baseline for us. To have a lot of visitors of this web. And we hardly work on new design of the web with more sections etc etc.

And about your question if i dont work? Yes i do :-) But its boring to see photos of me at work :-) im a consultant in a No.1 developer of new flats and houses in Prague. And thats why i want to make a another business, to be still young:-) hehe...i am :-)vodka red bull vodka red bull ua ua uaaaaa :-)

Sénék said...

Raaaah lovely : girls and alcohol !