Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Madrid is city. Madrid is a crowd. And Madrid is an opportunity.
In 4 days I visit this strange and beautiful city with Ana. I show you some pictures from the city, but I can tell that the best thing that I had in Madrid was drinking a coffee with milk with Ana.
"Thank you" to Ana, to Elena and to Carlos for the simpaty and everything ....

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Thanks to Maaiky and Ella again who went last week to our appartement-opening!!!! It was a big good surprise.... Soon the picture

Monday, October 8, 2007


Where are the 2 letters that we send with Cristina?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

um alô do Brasil...

Hey people 24 de agosto... Iam o Shin...
first time .. que ... i write here hahahah.. see my very shit ingles.. he...... ye is very hard to mi comunicate whith every body...
But! i try to write .. i hope .. que.. your s understend .. or not.. tanto faz... the important is .. que.. I am fine, now is very ...hard.. time in the my faculdade.. after come back in Brasil i have only one week of "férias" my class started very..."cedo, rapido..ha..." because this.... i dont have sou many time to write .. haha
Nossa que merda que to escrevendo...
In São Paulo i have one life very different "comparando" i had in the Porto... or in the Europe.. here we have many crazy winter.. today started very cold.. but in the 12h.. is 30° .. very hot!
one week we have every day 10° or 15° but in the next we have 25° a 30° hahaha is very funny

this picture is in the doy of "greve" of metro.... is very crazy day....in the most great bus terminal

I hope post more pictures of my little monster city hahaha
ok! tudo de bom for evy body...
kiss and abraços aeee
cansei de tentar escrever em ingles...

Friday, October 5, 2007

Gruuuuuuuw! !!

Just for say... : so scaring the carnivorous smile of João-Pedro!!!


I've cold in my back!

Nature weet fruits!

Ola Bacalhau family!!!

So I'm in life in my little lost country (I came bak in France the last friday) and I show you all presents of our so sweet earth!
I happy because I'm just eating, in a big field, when the fruits are freshly falled from trees...
and wich kind of fruits it is in the wood bag???
... sweet chestnuts, figs and nuts!!!

Bigs kisses all!
I hope see you the 20 in M'andine, Cécile & Sénèk'home!! Hugs! :-))

Opening Cremaillère

With Cécile and Senek we invit you to first big-big party in our new flat... I know that it's far away but maybe some of you got some times for travel... So you're welcome!!!!!!


More Pictures on my blog.... I hope everything is Ok for all of you...