Sunday, August 26, 2007

News from Sainté

Hi Everyone !

Senek speaking ! I'm working now in Saint-Etienne in a Print Screen Factory, the work is tough (around 44 hours a week without break ! (amazing for France and her syndicates !)) ...

I hope to win some 1.400 / 1.500 € ! Yeah, it help !

I send you best wishes ! See you soon !

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Red Bull Air Race - Porto - 1.9.2007

Hou hou hou..'s simple, it's easy, it's here...Radim is coming back to Porto, Oporto, Poooooorto. I will come with friends and I hope we will sleep in our bacalhau flat...So if somebody wants to see us...I mean, Alex, Aris...:-) I also want to see you :-)

Thief is all the time coming back...

From Croatia

I'm happy to receive some news from you.... I'm still travelling but not for long time because this trip start to be very complicated for me... I'll explain myself later. No cristina I still didn't send the letter, maybe next week from France, if not somebody else can also start.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Barcelona vs Guimarães

8 images from barcelona and 8 images from guimarães. That's what I've been doing! Thanks to Alessandra for let me visit her new town.
And... Amandine... did you send the letter?

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Once more this's boring, nao e. But I have to post here, that... we have wonderful amazing overnice and overactive new dog!!! But not's DOG:-) It is dobermann and his name is Barkley..
So you have to come to Czech soon until he is small. Later he will defend his area:-) So it's good for Amandine, that she met him, he will remember her...

Czech family

Hou hou hou..Thanks to Amandine for this nice message, I was almost thinking in which town we are living exactly :-) In R'n'B style we tried to make everything perfect but what is pity, I'm not a God, and little rain:-) and Revizor's work I'm not able to manage.. So sorry Amandine, Cecile and Elize and hope in more luck for your next travelling;-)...Pssst, don't say this to Amandine: This afternoon it was really nice weather:-))

So see you, rest of bacalhau family, which was not here..

Friday, August 10, 2007

In the tchek family

I m in Prague since yersterday morning, with Cecile and Elise another french friend of mine. Radim and Betka was expecting us at the airport. They are living in a wonderful amazing crazy beautiful town... We are also hosting in a very nice house near the center of the town. I m very happy to be here discovering this new country with R´n´B, hihihi. It´s a pity that the rest of the bacalhau family is not there.... But don´t worry I´m enjoying for you.... Soon some picture

Monday, August 6, 2007

Philosophique Tribute, By Senek

I eat grapevines and I touch my dick.