Monday, April 21, 2008


Let's go ! We're going to Brussels (Belgium) for the openning of artist from Saint-Etienne (Assan Smati), at "La Verrière, Hermès".
On the way, we get lost in Luxembourg City, but quickly get back on the highway.

Grand Place.

Rue Neuve.

Guilhem & Wandrille.

We arrived in Brussels à 6.00 pm, firstly we get a fresh and delicious belgium beer in a little simpathic bar, Actually we went there 3 times, and we met there Arno a belgium singer from the 80/90's, nice !

We went to a open sky market Place du Jeux de Balle, where Wandrille bought 2 shoes for his girlfriend with 4€, and other weird stuf, I can't even get 2 little duck for my mom collection, shit !

I eat french potatoes chez Martine.

At least I would say Brussels is beers, Brussels is french potatoes, Brussels is gaufres, Brussels is Manneken Pis, Brussels is too much tourists, but Brussels is amazing !

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Kocaaaaaa said...

Senék president! :-) You work for so few money? pche :-) But the girl at the first photo, she has a nice...eyes:-) Senek president