Friday, February 8, 2008

E QuÊ? Tudo Jóia????

Good morning good morning lailaiii laiii laia la alia

So How is everything people.
Well Abot me ... i would like you to present one of the projects of my Leonardo programme .
Say something just for the case if you like... if you don´t like.... stick "woody" up yours :)

I know i know.... samuel is so cute and polite... well

Next stuff... we received the letter ... Here´s the proof

Well, know is our turn...

I kiss you all :) strongly.... even with my tongue if you want .... not you senek, alex, radim, aris, chin etc.

I will come on tio post more stuff... Next week i will have more time

Ciao Ciao stinky bacalhaus

1 comment:

Sénék said...

Ouh, Maëla is scaring in this pic ...
I prefer Maëla's kisses :)