Wednesday, November 14, 2007

3rd LETTER!!!

From the country that eats....nearly everything!!!
..the 3rd letter goes to: .....taratarataratra ra ta ta tara ta taaaaa.....
The Stupid Czech from the Stupid Czech Republic!!
I wish (to the letter) boa viagem all aroung Europe and hope to meet you people really soon!!


Sénék said...

Uuh Uh Ah ah, the Letter !! Yeeah !

cristinabraga said...

I really like the part of the "taratarataratra ra ta ta tara ta taaaaa....."!!!
Go letter, go!!!
Run letter, run!!

cristinabraga said...

aris.... one of the guys... from the stamps.... he is very similar with you! Strange! ;)

kouinofpoulpeland said...

I want a letter also!!!! Please Père Noel!