Friday, August 10, 2007

In the tchek family

I m in Prague since yersterday morning, with Cecile and Elise another french friend of mine. Radim and Betka was expecting us at the airport. They are living in a wonderful amazing crazy beautiful town... We are also hosting in a very nice house near the center of the town. I m very happy to be here discovering this new country with R´n´B, hihihi. It´s a pity that the rest of the bacalhau family is not there.... But don´t worry I´m enjoying for you.... Soon some picture


Kocaaaaaa said...

Yess Yess..its a pity, that you are not nice holidays;-)

Anonymous said...

But I am with you of all my heart!!!!! Yes!!! I would like to go there and discovert this so beautiful "R'n'B" city!
And what it's the pity... it's more the R'n'B... sorry! ;-)

A anonym girl, nammed Aurélia.